Ability 4pc. Utensil Set
Ability 4pc. Utensil Set

Ability 4pc. Utensil Set

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When preparing meals, combine the calm yet elegant colors of graphite and burgundy with utensils made entirely of nylon. Resistant to high temperatures that can reach 180ºC, they are essential to preparing food in nonstick-coated crockery as they slide across surfaces without scratching them. With a modern design, they can also go on the table to serve with beauty and elegance. After they've been washed and dried, they can be hung in the kitchen. Dishwasher safer.
Set Content:
1pc. Ladle  (L: 29.6cm W: 8.3cm H: 5.8cm)
1pc. Serving Spoon (L: 29.5cm W: 7.3cm H: 3.7cm)
1pc. Skimmer (L: 29.9cm W: 8.9cm H: 6.2cm)
1pc. Spatula (L: 30.3cm W: 7.4cm H: 4.2cm)
Nylon utensil with heat resistant up to 180ºC.